Electronic Cigarette Insurance

Vape Insure is one of the longest standing e-cigarette industry insurance brokers in the country. We have sourced tailored and competitive insurance solutions for hundreds of e-cigarette sector clients.

Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers of E-cigarettes may have in the past found it difficult to obtain comprehensive e-cigarette insurance and in particular Products Liability. Lack of historical statistics, concerns around long term side effect and recent claims from devices causing fires / explosions has resulted in many insurers being reluctant to offer comprehensive cover at sensible pricing.

Why Vape Insure?

✅ Exclusive product only available to Vape Insure.
✅ Full product liability including China import.
✅ ‘A’ rated Insurer.
✅ Standard claims occurring basis.

With our experienced Account Executives we have the industry knowledge required to tailor an e-cigarette package to suit your individual needs at very competitive prices. Vape Insure’s E-cigarette insurance product can cover all aspects from device Retailing, Wholesaling, E-liquid Retailing and Manufacturing.